Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Software untuk melindungi komputer dari spyware

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Spyware Doctor merupakan salah satu program terbaik dalam melindungi komputer sobat blogger dari spyware, malware, adware, trojan, dan teman-temannya. Meskipun Spyware Doctor yang saya share disini bukan versi terbaru, namun Spyware Doctor versi ini juga sudah cukup untuk melindungi komputer sobat blogger.
Spyware Doctor
Spyware Doctor Tools:
  • Spyware & Adware Scanner Keylogger
  • Guard Popup
  • Blocker Phishing
  • Protector Real Time
  • Protection Browser
  • Guard Spyware Cookie
  • Guard Malware
  • Immunizer
Spyware Doctor What's New in Spyware Doctor 7.0 :
  • NEW! ThreatFire™ Behavioral Intelligence features next-generation technology to block new threats faster than traditional signature methods.
  • NEW! Multi-layered browsing protection against web-based attacks, including phishing attempts, rogueware scare tactics and silent drive-by downloads, using a combination of reactive blacklists and proactive dynamic content analysis technologies.
  • NEW! State Awareness Modes intuitively detect how you are using your PC and adjust to minimize performance impact and reduce interruptions.
  • NEW! Browser Guard stops 'drive-by' downloads of fake AV or malicious files from compromised or exploit websites.
  • NEW! Protection Statistics Report informs you of how PC Tools has protected your PC over the last 30 days.
  • IMPROVED! Advanced rootkit detection technology identifies and removes hidden threats from your PC.
  • IMPROVED! Built on a modular architecture which utilizes a diverse range of technologies that detect, block and remove threats attempting to compromise your PC.
  • IMPROVED! Site Guard blocks you from visiting potentially unsafe or phishing websites and from downloading threats through your browser, IM or email.
  • Cookie Guard automatically removes potentially malicious tracking and advertising cookies.
Password : www.remo-xp.com
 Download Spyware Doctor Full Patch
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